Colourful Flip Lid Drawer Makeup Organizer

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LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE - spend less time organizing makeup and get ready in no time with this practical makeup organization system in the comfort of your own space. This is more than a storage box for makeup, it’s a way to start taking control of the practical things in your life. 

DON’T COMPROMISE ON SPACE - we have created these makeup organizer drawers to organize makeup quickly and to fit in small spaces. Our makeup organizers will not take up space in your bedrooms, bathrooms or on your dressing tables

STORE YOUR BIG AND WIDE PRODUCTS - with our makeup with drawers solution,  there is enough space for your big makeup palettes (Morphe & PLousie we are looking at you), with our top flip drawers and deeper bottom drawers , this makeup organizer is perfect for beginners or growing beauty enthusiasts like you. You can also stack products neatly on top of each-other to get more makeup organized.

STURDY AND GOOD QUALITY - your products deserve to be stored in good quality , our makeup organiser with drawers are easy to pull out due to a thick handle, our makeup organizer drawers have been built with 4mm thickness and are machine cut for precision and pre glued. This means no assembly is required when it arrives to your door.

STYLISH AND EASY TO CLEAN - you’ll notice our makeup organizers are in 4 beautiful colours to suit your style, these add a touch of fun, professionalism and class into any room or office. To clean , simply use a dry cloth to remove dust and makeup stains.

LIFETIME MAKEUPDRAWERS GUARANTEE - we know you probably see hundreds of colourful stylish makeup organiser drawers like ours. Use it right and we guarantee you’ll keep your makeup products tidier for longer. If your makeup organiser is not working for you, reach out to us and we will help support getting your beauty products organized quickly.

Dimensions: L19.9 x W24.8 x H10.7cm , Standard Drawer Dimension : H4cm

How many sizes is the makeup organizer available in?

It comes in 2 sizes only. 

Does the organizer hold a lot of products?

Yes, you can store makeup palettes, nail polishes, perfumes, foundations, tanning products, hair sprays etc 

What are the dimensions?

Please see Product size

Can you stack the makeup organizers?

Absolutely! You can mix colours and designs. We recommend stacking the flip lid drawer on-top of the double drawer

Do you ship worldwide and how long does it take to ship?

Yes our beauty lovers come from all over the world so we ship all over the world. We offer domestic next day (1-2 business days ) & 3 -5 business days. For international orders, we offer 5-7 business days.For more specific times, check out the returns & refund page. 

MakeupDrawers: A Life Changing Makeup Organizer For Beauty Enthusiasts Who Are Getting Themselves Together

All we want to do is get ready as quickly as we can and out the door. The last thing you want when you’re getting ready for your day or night, is to realise you can’t find your favourite lipstick , bronzer or brow pencil. Yes, you’ll find it eventually but you have to sacrifice some time first, it honestly feels like you’ll never get out the door on time!

Have you ever wanted to just be on time, for once? Or just have all your makeup, skincare and hair products in one stylish place? A solution that not only keeps your products in one place but helps you stay tidier for longer? 

What's included:

💄 1 x Makeup Drawer
💄 1 x Free sticker pack  (Subject to availability)