How to Keep your Beauty Drawer Clean



Step 1: Take products out

Empty your beauty drawer and give it a good cleaning with antibacterial wipes or mist cleaning spray on a microfiber cloth and polish away. Make sure you wipe down all surfaces, both inside and out and be careful not to miss stains, makeup residue, (you know how eyeshadow gets everywhere), dust and finger marks.

Step 2: Sanitize your beauty products

Now that you’ve cleaned out your beauty drawer, it’s time to focus on the actual items that are stored in them. Again, sanitizing wipes or antibacterial spray make good cleaning options. Focus especially on areas you hold or touch the most as those places can harbor a lot of bacteria. Beauty products can accumulate germs pretty quickly. Residue from liquid foundation has the tendency to dry up around the pump area and leave behind dried stains.

Creams can congeal near the opening and eyebrow pencil shavings drop into little crevices of your beauty drawer, settle onto surfaces and smudge easily.
Sanitizing your beauty products gets rid of stains, kills germs, reduces the spreading of viruses and makes your collection look more immaculate.

Step 3: Clean your makeup brushes and sponges

Using dirty makeup brushes can transfer bacteria on to your skin. Bristles accumulate a lot of product build up and debris after continuous use and this can affect the effectiveness of your brush. Washing them frequently will not only ensure that they are clean enough to use but you’ll be able to blend better and seamlessly apply your makeup with precision.

Wash your makeup brushes with a special solution. If you don’t have a fancy makeup brush cleaner, soap and warm water will do. Once clean, lay them down flat and allow them to dry thoroughly before using them again.


Step 4: Sort your makeup

Over time, makeup tends to get jumbled up and misplaced within your beauty storage space so this is the perfect time to put things back where they go. Cleaning your beauty drawer gives you the chance to reorganize your makeup, declutter and throw away expired products.

Sort your makeup neatly into categories or group them according to product type then arrange them back neatly into your beauty drawer.


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