10FT beauty drawers are a great investment for many reasons which extend way beyond beauty, organisation and aesthetics.

In a bid to promote reusable plastic and environmental sustainability in the beauty industry, we ensure that we do our bit by producing high-quality products in line with an eco-friendly collective goal to reduce waste.

Here are some key reasons why the production of our beauty drawers make us eco-friendly and reduces our carbon footprint.


1. We Use Durable Materials

Who wants to worry about their products being easily damaged or quick wear and tear? 

All of our storage products are made with durable plastic which is designed to last for at least 10 years. This means, your makeup, cosmetic items and accessories will always have a place where they can be stored without you having to worry about replacing or repairing your makeup organizer. 10FT makeup organizers are made from PMMA plastic otherwise known as acrylic. Acrylic is more durable than glass, easier to clean and retains its pristine aesthetic and quality over time.


2. Makeup Organizers are made from recycled plastic

Our makeup organizers are 50% recyclable which means they can be reused or repurposed for other things. Recycling may seem like a small act but on a grand scale, you’re one of millions of people helping to save landfill space and save energy as less resources and energy will be needed to produce more plastic. 10FT makeup organizers can be recycled by following the appropriate plastic waste collection steps.


3. They Can Also Be Sustainable Beauty Gifts

There are some things you just don’t throw out in the trash and a makeup organizer is one of them because it holds so much value. The useful features such as extendable drawers, compartments and the ability to customize what they can be used for are too beneficial to not appreciate.

So hand it down or pass it on. We encourage our customers to regift our makeup organizers and pass them down to a friend or family member because no matter your beauty habits, cool beauty drawers will always be useful to someone!

By regifting, you’re not only putting a smile on someone else's face, you are also preventing plastic that can be reused by another person from ending up in a landfill and conserving energy that would have been used to reprocess it.


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