A beauty drawer is a useful storage solution. Having it as a permanent fixture on your dressing table makes organizing makeup easier, saves time when getting ready and keeps things looking immaculate. We’ve highlighted three top ways to use a beauty drawer and get the most out of it!


1. Makeup Storage Protect your lipsticks and concealers from dust and dirt by storing them into compartment drawers. 10FT’s ‘Flip Lid with a Deep Drawer’ is designed with two drawers you can pull out. The expandable drawer has many benefits - it lets you access your most-used makeup easily, keep similar items grouped together and allows you to see everything you have. Take advantage of the rectangular space which gives you plenty of room to organize your most cherished makeup products in a neat layout. If your makeup collection is relatively large, you can stack two beauty drawers on top of each other to create multiple tiers to accommodate everything.

2. Tuck Away Accessories Pieces of jewelry, trinkets and other small items which hold value to you can easily get lost. Beauty drawers provide you with a safe space to store your accessories out of sight. You can conceal items inside the discreet compartment underneath the flip lid or prop them on top of the drawer to decorate your makeup organiser.


3. Show Off your Skincare Part of why we invest in skincare and spend money on luxury cosmetics is because of beautiful packaging and design. Aesthetics make us want to display things with pride. At 10FT, we have two types of beauty drawers which both let you flaunt your skincare collection. The ‘Double Drawers’ and ‘Flip Lid with a Deep Drawer’ can accommodate anything from face masks, cleansers, exfoliators and toners, due to the sleek, simple yet ergonomic design of them. Just place the skincare products you use on a daily basis on top of the beauty drawer to show off your main attractions.


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